Recordings from Locust Street

by LadyBug

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Recordings from Locust Street was made while L. Bug was wearing pajamas at her home on Locust Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She planned on re-recording all the tracks and make them more fancy, but then Bug figured, "Nah... this is the way it really came out and that's just the way it really is". So there you have it. Thanks for listening.


released January 1, 2010

all lyrics, vocals, music, and recording by L.Bug



all rights reserved


LadyBug Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Little Paper Number
i'm not bad but i don't feel so good inside
my body folds up like a paper with an unimportant number
written on the unimportant side

i swear i never ever met you but you're so familiar to me
and i swear i never could forget you
it's a secret waiting to fall on its knees

i pull and dig and dig a little deeper
to keep finding more of what i pull on
vine to vine, going anywhere
swinging on a simple breeze.
Track Name: 2272 University Avenue
a robber fell six stories to the ground
a picket fence impaled his leg
that's what you get for robbing my mama
while daddy was out working hard to bring home the bread

University Avenue up in the Bronx
on the slope of one of them long Bronx hills
where everyday somebody was getting jacked up
or somebody was getting killed
it is still the case
as a baby i was being baby sat
in the room farthest from our apartment entrance
when a man came in and robbed us blind
all in all he robbed us a total of five times
they knew his face

the police don't care when you're a spic on the line
dialing 911, they're taking their sweet time
so consider us lucky or consider us not
surviving on a street that was rough and rotting and hot
nobody wants to go there
nobody wants to go back there
don't remember exactly what the headline read
i think he came out alive but remained half dead
he made one of the pages of the Daily News
and we moved into Brooklyn far away from those blues
and life went on
the way life goes on, life went on
on 2272 University Avenue
known as Dr. Martin Luther King avenue too
2272 University Avenue
on the slope of one of them long Bronx hills.
Track Name: Una Noche
una noche llena de luna y nuves
y yo estoy llena con ganas de verte
si tengo la suerte de conseguirte
caminando las calles abandonada

no vale la pena una fantasia
tan caliente, cuando me siento tan fria
si, tengo deseos pero no tienen nada
caminando las calles abandonada

no te olvides de mi,
no te despides de mi,
con eso me rompi en dos

una noche llena de savana y almoada
una fotografia emocional
estuve a tu puerta, pero no avia entrada
y me fui sola, caminando las calles abandonada
Track Name: Mornin'
i woke up this morning
and shook off yesterday
i got up out of bed and said to myself
ain't gonna let nothing get in my way

shook it off like water
and i brushed it off like dirt
and though i'm shaking like a leaf
that's about to fall
i just hope it won't hurt

i wake up every morning
just to shake off yesterday
counting on just a little money
to make my life o.k.
but it seems it's getting harder
like everybody says
and if that's the case im gonna walk
a little longer into a dying sunset
and if that's the case im gonna walk
a bit further until the morning forgets
Track Name: Skipping Over Misery
if you ever come around around again
be sure to remember exactly where we stand
and if you want to ask me how i've been
be sure to pay attention to my sarcastic grin

don't dare act like you mean nothing to me
because there hasn't been a single day
that skipped over one second of misery

it's been hazy and my hair has gotten long
i still get lazy every summer and every song
is somehow connected to you
but i manage to disconnect somehow
from the very thing that brings me
to where i find myself now

it wasn't all so terrible, it was just bad timing
when you had your brain full
of a substance that was more important
of a substance that cost you your dream
it's substantially certain that i couldn't cannot
would not blow off all your steam

if you never came around again
be sure to remember exactly where
we were left standing and don't dare act like
you meant nothing to me
because there hasn't been a single day
without a wish it could have turned out differently
Track Name: Automatic
all the ways i've destroyed myself
wipe a layer of dust off a shelf
it's what's gotten me this far
going along for a ride in your car
all the ways of making repairs
using the spare parts i've found
keep me rolling along
under a bourbon cloud

not commonly mistaken
as somebody someone else knows
just commonly broken down
at the side of a nameless road
and commonly taken
as somebody someone else will see
you remind me of why
i keep wearing these clothes with the holes
i got sneakers with holes in them too
i guess i'm afraid of a life that's dressed up like you
in a car with everything automatic and talking to you
where everyone is automatically dressed up like you
and everything is automatic and polished and plastic
everyone is automatic what we feel think and do is automatic
Track Name: Loco
i'm just a bit--
emotionally unstable
and tend to misunderstand everything
socially abstract and just a bit obnoxious
i tend to get lost in a void
loco en la cabeza

i jump to conclusions
and threaten to jump
off of a rooftop
loco en la cabeza